Marcelo Gouts

USPTA Director of Tennis General Manager

Marcelo Gouts is the president and founder of MG Tennis.  Marcelo has directed the tennis operation at Lake Cane Tennis Center since 1988 and has been an active leader in the tennis community for over 3 decades, making him one of the most experienced Tennis Directors in the State of Florida.  A USPTA Elite Teaching professional with over 35 years of experience as a tennis instructor and over 30 years managing public tennis services in Central Florida, Marcelo is a hands on tennis director and facility operator that continues providing on court coaching to several adult and youth students that play at the Lake Cane Tennis Center. His primary role is to provide direction and leadership to the programming and staffing of the facility as well as ensuring that all operation policies and procedures are in place and implemented.

Alvaro Layrisse

Head Tennis Professional

Alvaro Layrisse has been the most influential tennis professional in our organization over the last 10 years of operation at Lake Cane Tennis Center.  Besides his outstanding ability to teach a great technical game to students of all ages and abilities, Alvaro has been instrumental in the coordination and training of the many members of our teaching staff.  Alvaro’s organizational skills and problem solving ability makes his work an essential part of the success of our facility.

Tara Ward

Lead Tennis Pro 10 and under Junior Players

Tara Ward, a member of the teaching staff at Lake Cane Tennis Center since 2012, has been able to transition years of training as a Junior competitive player to the coaching of young tennis students that enjoy her methodology and approach to teaching fundamentals of tennis with an outgoing, rewarding and positive approach.   Tara oversees all curriculum activities and coaching for this group, as well as teaching in these classes.  She also serves as the Director for the Fun and Sun Tennis Camp each summer at Lake Cane.  

Alex Perez

Tournament Director

Alex Perez has been an icon in the operation at Lake Cane Tennis Center since the starting of his career back in 1990, making him along with Nelson San Pedro (28 years of service), the second longest career staff at the tennis center. Known for his caring and welcoming approach to customer service, Alex has been the front face and smile that many patrons over the years have come to appreciate and enjoy.  By his over caring attitude towards any person that comes to the facility, Alex has gained the love and respect of hundreds of players and patrons that have had the opportunity to deal with him in matters such as court reservations or special events and tournament play.  He is a true team player and loyal member of our organization.  Many of the success stories behind the Lake Cane Tennis Center have been influenced by Alex’s decision making and “Yes We Can” attitude.

Tasi Batista

Lead Tennis Pro

Tasi Batista, a member of the teaching staff at Lake Cane Tennis Center for the last 4 years, has been a key part of the success of our Junior Academy and High School Program training at Lake Cane Tennis Center.
Rollins College graduate and top member of their tennis squad, Tasi’s local popularity and experience teaching the game has made her one of the most popular tennis coaches in Central Florida. 


Nelson San Pedro

USPTR Lead Tennis Pro

Nelson San Pedro, a USPTR Certified Instructor, with more than 28 years of tennis experience teaching and coaching the game at all levels, has served at Lake Cake Tennis Center since 1989 when he was appointed as the Assistant Director of Tennis to Marcelo Gouts.  It was during those early years of planning, development, promoting and teaching the game to new and prospective future students and patrons of the tennis center that Nelson worked closely with MG Tennis to provide the foundation for the successful tennis operation currently established at the park today.  Up to this day, Nelson San Pedro continues sharing with his loyal students his passion and knowledge for the game he so much loves.

Bokang Setshogo

Teaching Pro

Bokang Setshogo, known as "BK", is a member of the teaching staff at Lake Cane Tennis Center.  For the past 3 years, he has been a key player for the growth and wellness of our junior and adult program at the center. His passion, knowledge and dedication to the teaching of the game of tennis, has gained him a spot among the top instructors here in Central Florida. Bookang has also been a sparring partner and trainer for many of the top junior players in our Junior Academy program that benefit from his ability to play and coach the game at a high performance level.  In contrast to the high performance training, Bookang (BK) also demonstrates a caring and positive attitude while working with younger children with disabilities or slower motor skills development.

Ali Perez Alvarado

Lead Tennis Pro

Ali has become an integral part of our MG Tennis Staff by teaching tennis players of all ages and skill level.  He is an accomplished tennis professional with over 12 years of experience.  In his vast career experience, he performed duties as Head Pro and Staff Pro.  As a player, Ali has a USTA NTRP rating of 4.5.  In addition, he also played ITF Tour level tennis for 5 years.  A major highlight in his career, Ali achieved #12 Adult National Single Ranking in Venezuela.  Ali holds a US Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) Professional certification and a Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) Instructor certification.  Besides bringing his skills to the court, Ali brings fun and a caring attitude to all that he does!

Laura Gouts

Director of Operations

Laura Gouts, Co-owner and Vice President of MG Tennis since 1989, year the company was founded, currently assists with all financials and operations of the company.  Laura’s role and responsibilities at MG Tennis include overseeing vital areas such as:

  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payables
  • Customer Accounts
  • Online registration management

Eduardo Rivas


Eduardo Rivas is the person responsible for the daily maintenance of the tennis courts and tennis building.  His job is performed before opening hours, providing us with a safe and sterically appealing tennis facility with courts free of sand or debris, trash cans empty, and nets and windscreens in perfect playing condition. In addition, his responsibilities include the cleaning of the Pro Shop and locker rooms.  Also as part of his duties and responsibilities, Eduardo assists the facility in providing maintenance to court equipment such as score devices and squeezes.  Eduardo is an extremely punctual and reliable employee that cares about delivering a clean and safe facility for patrons to enjoy.