Junior Program Tennis Classes

Located at the Lake Cane Tennis Center

5108 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819


Our Junior Tennis Classes are offered throughout each school year and during the summer.

Fall, Winter & Spring 12-week sessions offered throughout the school year. 

All semester programs cost $445 for a 12-week session.

2022-2023 Dates:
Fall Session Beginner/Intermediate Classes August 22-November 11, 2021
(No classes Labor Day Sept. 5 and Halloween Oct. 31)

Winter Session Classes start November 14, 2022 and end February 24, 2023.  No classes Thanksgiving (November 21-25th) and Holiday Break (December 19-30th).

Spring Session Classes TBD
Advanced Monthly Classes offered August 8-May 31, 2022
Coach approval necessary to register in our advanced classes.
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Contact our Director of Junior Programs, Alvaro Layrisse for more information on our Junior Tennis Programs: alvaro@mgtennis.com  

Beginners - Little Tennis (Ages 4-5 years old)

The Little Tennis program is designed to teach young children rudimentary skills, coordination, and basic tennis stroke production in a fun and exciting environment. This is an introductory program for junior beginner players and focuses on basic strokes, motor skills and hand eye coordination. It is an important introductory program as we start to develop the player’s skills sets and court awareness as they get ready to move successfully through the MG Tennis developmental pathway.

Beginners - Low Intermediate - Quickstart (Ages 6 & Up)

Our Quickstart tennis programs are an exciting way for kids ages 6 and up to get on the court and start learning tennis. Designed to bring kid’s into the game by using specialized equipment like lower compression balls, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring, all tailored to the age and size.  These programs are a great way to introduce kids to the wonderful sport of tennis.  Our Quickstart program follows the latest USTA & ITF format for age appropriate tennis instruction and play.  This format is a proven way to get young players improving their technical skills quicker and gaining a greater understanding of the game and enjoying tennis for life.

Intermediate - Junior Acers

The Junior Acers programs teach children advanced motor skills, coordination, tennis court awareness, tennis stroke production, technique and game situations. This is a bridge program to the Florida Futures and Tournament Training programs in our developmental pathway. Players in these programs will start developing their court awareness and refining their technical skills with consistent serving and rallying with racket head speed and basic tactic and strategy in preparation for competition in the MG Tennis advanced programs.

Advanced - Florida Futures, Tournament Training, Academy

The Florida Futures and Tournament Training programs are where our players start learning more advanced technical skills, footwork, movement and strategy as we start introducing the players to tournaments and competition. Everything our players have learned in the Junior Acers programs are now being refined and developed to get these players tournament ready. These players are learning and consistently executing advanced technique and stroke production, footwork, movement, tactics, strategy and shot selection. It introduces the advancing junior player to tournament play and etiquette and is the bridge program in our developmental pathway to the Performance Academy.